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Kali Gandaki Rafting in Nepal - The Holy River

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Kali Gandaki Rafting in Nepal - The Holy River

Distance - 90 kilometers
Duration - 3 days

Departure Point - Thamel - Kathmandu - 7am to 3pm.

Put-In-Point - Maldunga (3 hours drive)
Take Out point - Mirmi (5 hours drive)

Brief Description - diverse trip down the holy river, through deep gorges and past waterfalls.
Add ons - Annapurna trek and Chitwan national park.

Kali Gandaki Rafting in Nepal is all about rafting into the holiest rivers alongside deep river gorges. A classic river rafting circuit offering spectacular and enchanting scenery adds significance to this river. Named after the Hindu goddess of destruction Kali, this particular river is considered one of the holiest rivers in Nepal, rises up in the Himalayas of Mustang, and makes its way between the magnificent Dhaulagiri and the panoramic Annapurna, carving the deepest gorges on Earth.

The Kali Gandaki Rafting in Nepal is a three day adventure trip offering high excitement with something in it for everyone. Kali Gandaki River is an adventurous river rafting trip in Nepal which combines, pristine white waters, turbulent rapids, delightful villages, pleasant sandy beaches and camps offering great views of mountains and diverse wildlife. Throughout the spring and autumn season the Kali Gandaki River provides excellent grades III and IV and white water rapids that are both continual and technical keeping rafters interested and busy throughout the day. This particular adventure is for both the novices and experienced paddlers who provides diverse rafting trip in turbulent rapids and trickling droplets are in abundance. Tumbling from Mustang, situated in the northern side of the Himalayas, this river takes you through some of Nepal’s most stunning scenery with abundance of wildlife and allowing a glimpse of towering and stunning waterfalls adding spark to your eyes. After a long days enduring trip a peaceful evening is on the cards camping on superb sandy beaches adds a soothing effect and a means of lazy relaxation giving you an unforgettable rafting trip experience in Nepal.

The opportunity of exploring the seldom visited villages, beholding the beauty of lush-green valleys, mysterious gorges, cascading outrageous waterfalls and abundant wildlife, observing some Hindu rituals taking place besides the river banks makes this whole Kali Gandaki Rafting a spiritual affair. A once in a lifetime opportunity to plunge and take a calculated dip into this aspiring river with Himalayan River Operator is certainly heavenly.

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