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Seti Rafting in Nepal - The white river

Seti River Rafting in Nepal

Seti Rafting in Nepal - The white river

Distance - 32 kilometers
Duration - 2 days
Departure Point - Himalayan River Operator Office, Thamel - Kathmandu - 7am to 3pm.
Take - In - Damauli (2 hours drive)
Take Out point - Gaighat (3 hours to Kathmandu)
Brief description- A quieter river that is perfect for beginners, bird watchers, families and kayaking learners.
Add ons - Kayak clinics and Chitwan national park. 

Seti Rafting in Nepal is one of the most beautiful family rafting circuits in Nepal. Ideal for those looking for a short two-day river rafting trip in a remote location, the river Seti is perfectly suitable for a family outing. This river takes rafters through lovely forested regions and plenty of easy rapids. The put-in point being close to Kathmandu-Pokhara Highway, easily accessible after a short drive.

The Seti River flows down from the mountains between the Annapurna and Manaslu ranges, through the beautiful jungle and has numerous easy rapids. The Seti is also one of the warmest rivers in Nepal with plenty of grade I-III rapids. The route or the put-in-point is Damauli that lies on the Kathmandu-Pokhara Highway between Mugling and Pokhara. Seti River offers plenty to nature lovers while gliding through the pristine waters, as they can get a glimpse of varieties of wildlife, especially birds such as kingfishers, vultures and eagles flying to and fro in and around the sandy beaches. An excellent river rafting trip ideal for novices as well as experienced rafters, families and few kayakers. Combining the Seti with a trek in the Annapurna region and a visit to Chitwan National Park makes this rafting in Nepal a perfect all round adventure saga and an extreme adventure of difference.


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